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Monday, November 9, 2009

Family Holiday - Cameron Highlands

Not been blogging much lately. Just too much work ! Last weekend we had a good break at Cameron Highlands with MIL, BIL & family.

On our way up North, we definitely had to stop for coffee at Sin Yoon Loong. No pics of food this time, just too hungry to click away. I had my kopi ping and fish ball hor fun. What a good start to our holiday.

Then, we tapau-ed 6 salted chicken from Aun Kheng Lim (for supper. LOL !!!) and I asked the lady there about the wonderful kaya puff - Sin Eng Heong, she directed us turn left, turn right, bla bla bla and surpise surprise, we stumbled upon this :

The much raved about Funny Mountain tau foo fah. I flagged BIL down and ordered everyone out .. for a bowl of tau foo fah , although we just had breakfast.

Silken smooth tau foo fah. Everyone was singing praises and no regrets to top up the tummy with an additional bowl.

Then, we just had to get the kaya puffs :

70sen per piece. Flaky pastry (non halal, no prize for guessing what goes into it).
We made our way up the hills around noon and from Simpang Pulai exit, it's about an hour drive up. Not many cars, so it's quite a leisurely drive uphill.
And we checked in to this beautiful place :

The villa had a big green field, the kids had a good time running about. I kinda enjoyed staying in a villa compared to a hotel room, the kids get to play and run around whilst we had a nice living room to gather and chat.
And were pleasantly greeted by this for tea :
Hub's friend, who helped us secure a corporate villa there, had arranged for English scones for us

Tea time, Cameronian style.

We went out to some touristy place. Amber, who had a good nap in the car was full of energy to last her till night. She and Yuen Wen cheh-cheh were the 2 happiest bunch, running here, there, everywhere and full of energy, while we were just glad to be away from the KL heat.

Then we visited the Big Red Strawberry Farm @ Brinchang, near the Cactus Valley. One of the better farms, New, ample parking, free entrance, 1 way up and another down, no worries of congested traffic.
Everything here is about strawberries, strawberries and more strawberries.

Pathwalk with strawberry imprints

The souvenir shop. Everything strawberry, lotion, bath soap, food, milk etc. 80% - 90% of stuff here is strawberry related

The pretty and colorful sights you see..

And of course, we must have strawberries. This is how I like it, dipped with icing sugar.

This is how she likes it too.

Amber and her cousins

She had strawberry ice cream too.

and strawberry juice...

Then we headed back to the Villa for steamboat dinner. So nice to have something piping hot on a chilling evening.

The we went to pasar malam .... to be continued....