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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Cousins Are Back

*Backdated post. The cousins left at time of posting*

Amber's cousin sisters, the 3 cheh chehs from Melbourne were back for a visit recently. These lovely cheh chehs are of the closest age to Amber, with Sharlene, the youngest, being 7 years old, Rosalyn 9 yrs old and Natalie, 13 yrs old.

I arrangeda get together for my family at our home. My eldest brother and his family visited us whilst we were in the midst of moving in last year and it was messy and chaotic. Now that we've settled in to our house, we are ready for a party !

Here's a glimpse of the girls and my nephew :

Sharlene and Rosalyn working out.. (harder than !)

Rosalyn, Sharlene and Natalie with Amber

The girls with Ah Keong Kor-Kor

Sharlene brought lots of books for Amber and she reads to her..

Amber and Sharlene. Everywhere they go, Amber will hold Sharlene cheh-cheh's hand.

Best of friends after few hours of 'warming up'

A party is never a great party without good food :

On a closer look :

Roast pork (sort of my 'chiu pai choi')

Curry chicken

Mushroom chicken feet.
We also had lots of food, we had meesiam, yam rice, layer cake, shrimp sauce chicken wings, radish cake and jelly for desert. It was a LOT of food. Big brother said the amount of food we had could easily feed another 10 guests or so.. :D

A party is never complete without good wine right ? Hubs fished out something he bought recently, a Chilean Cab Sav :

Big brother brought a good wine, all the way from Australia :
Cullen Cab Sav.
Good food, great company. Nothing like having a good time with family. I hope with bro and his family can make frequent trips home every year. Amber remembers the cheh chehs this time and keep talking about them, and wants me to 'chor chor aeroplane' to Melbourne to visit them :)