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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Family Holiday - Cameron Highlands - Day 2

On the second day, the excitement of being in the highlands kinda died down and we are more settled in the Villa. We went out to lepak early in the morning , some pics to show the day :

We stopped to smell the roses.... enchanting.

Hubs toyed ard with his EOS and we took a few nice shots.

A weary looking small house on top of the hill, opposite the Villa. I wonder who lives there ? Looks spooky but I'm curious to know. Only cabbages planted along the terrace but never seen anyone tending to it.

We took nice long walks around the Villa and my little girl also stopped to smell the flowers. She picked one tiny flower here :

And place it on my back pocket.

She did the same to hubs too.
One for Mama, one for Papa !

She's really sweet, melts our hearts. Sometimes I feel I have to stop and listen to her, instead of shouting and scolding when she don't obey or listen. After all, she's only a kid right ?

Then cheh cheh wakes up to join us, looking really groovy

These 2 are best of friends. This trip, no fighting at all. Walking together hand in hand and playing together. Amber ditched us, she insisted to be in cheh cheh's car during the trip. For us, it's a reprieve from her non-stop chattering in the car. LOL !

I said don't touch but she still wanna try.. Kids are kids..

I got them to pose with this hibiscus to show how huge it is. Everything grows so well and nice in cool weather.

We visited MARDI (please don't go there. Farm ain't as pretty as it should be) and Sg Palas Boh Plantation.

Stay tuned ....