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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Typical Dinner - His vs Hers

Sometimes I wanna go healthy, don't feel like having rice for dinner. Yet, I have to cook for hubs. What to do ?
Sien :(

So, the other day, I whipped this for hubs and maid :

Fried rice with charsiu, eggs and long beans.

I had some leftover charsiu which I bought from the roast pork fella to go along with hubs wantan mee. He gave me some sauce in a separate pack. Although it just a few piece leftover, I chuck it to freezer. It's enough for a dinner of fried rice. Hubs say it's very nice wor.. moreover since I fried only enough for 2 person, a lot of 'wok hei'.

Then, what about me ? I had this :

Guava, grapes, strawberries and cherry tomatoes.
Although the fried rice is tempting, I stuck to this... and hubs digged in too.

He couldn't resist the medley of colors and flavours