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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tarts for the Fart

Tarts for fart... somehow it rhymes and since I have some pictures to show, I might as well post this up.

My friend Liz ordered some pineapple tarts from me. She wanted 2 tins and some durian cakes but I could only manage one tin for her coz my family members wanted the tarts too and I could only peel, shred and cook 4 pineapples.

Amber likes pineapple tarts and since I had premium margarine in hand, I baked some tarts for the fart.

The homecooked, slowcooked pineapple jam.

Ingredients for pastry. Amber's is allergy free version, I omitted the eggs and egg wash.

She waited with glee... yumm.. mummy, I want to eat !

yellow, custard looking tarts...

tarts that melt in the mouth..
tarts for the fart.
With some give and take , here and there, I can still churn out some of her favourite cookies.
Tarts for fart.. tarts for fart...
It rhymes and I like it !