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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Popular Book Fair @ Ikano

We just got back from Popular Book Fair at Ikano (and survived the mad Ikea sale traffic !!!)

Got some great buys and guess what ? ?

No books !

Yes, no books ! Hubs is the one itching to go to Popular Book Fair at Ikano for it's audiophile CD's. Very cheap aitelyu. We usually get a 5% of from CD Rama (Popular's av section) but during the book fair, some quality cd's go down to 20% off and Popular's mark up is not high.

We used to patronize another cd shop for >10 years and it's prices are about 20% higher than Popular. Now, knowing where to get better deals, Popular @ Ikano and Ampang Point is our regular haunt for audiophiles.

This is his loot today :

3cds of HD Mastering and Blue Ray Mastering for only RM100

This is the best deal :

Jazz Audiophile - double cd, Blue Ray for only RM39

but hubs think although this is a Blue Ray recording, the voice is very clear but lacking in hi-fideltity. We thought of changing it but it's only RM38 for 2 cd. Usual price is around RM48-RM50 for 1 cd. Still 'tai'.. maybe we'll just leave it in the car.

and my favourite is Shirley's Voice, an audiophile artiste from China

All my favourite old chinese songs - Unforgettable Love, Shanghai Nights, Look Forward 3 Years and Amber's favourite - The Moon Represents My Heart.. she loves this song to bits and she's attempting to sing this song with her awful hoarse voice.. lol ! Well, we played this song in the car, THRICE !! and she fell asleep, at 8.30pm. Bliss for me and hubs.

Music calms her and I remembered her infant days, we played Il Divo to get her to sleep, she'll knock off at track # 3 or 4, (can't remember exactly track #) to Unchained Melodies and fell asleep and there was those teething nights too, crying all night long and we played Il Divo all night and loud too, our neighbours were probably cursing us .. gosh.. those were the days. Now, she's learning to mimic The Moon Represents My Heart. I very romantic song, since my hubs didn't sing it for me, at least my daughter will.

And we also got a Yasmin Ahmad's movie and we'll watch it in a short while with beer n peanuts, since Amber is asleep already.

I heart Yasmin Ahmad's production very much and I want to watch all of it.

Happy Sunday and happy week ahead !