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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How Come Her Schoolwork is Better ?

Her kindie will return to us the books that they have studied for each term for parents to know their kids progress (or evidence of what they have learned.. hehehe)

I do have lots of other workbooks for Amber at home. She always asks for books to 'chor koong ker' at the childminders or sometimes when I'm busy, she'll find some stuff to do in her study room.

I've asked her to brush up on her numbers, she needs to know digits to follow up on her mental arithmetic class. When I checked her work, I had a little shock :

This is what she did in school, aligned, follow the dot writing.

and this is what she does when left alone to complete her activity books :

conteng ! conteng ! conteng !

Amber ! oh Amber ! Will you only listen to teacher and not Mama ?

I really should spend more time with her to do 'activity books' but .. but...

I'm just too lazy and have too much other stuff to do !