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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Mamak Queen

I know it's unhealthy but lately Amber's hooked on roti canai. Now, she knows the difference between roti canai, roti tisu, teh tarik, teh panas and capati. She knows Mama likes paper tosai and teh panas and Papa like teh ais kosong limau, kulit dibuang !

Yesterday, we stopped by the video shop, Amber saw the mamak stall and wanted a roti tisu with dhal and sugar. Hubs obliged to his princess request.

Amber knows how to order... she'll tell the guy.. ahhhh Loti tisu.. i want sugar and dhal ha ? 3 things, roti tisu, sugar and dhal .. so cute.. the little fart ordering her own makan.

And so, we waited for her to finish her roti tisu and watched a replay of the World Cup goal shots !

Her favourite.. roti tisu and sugar. Truly Malaysian

And she eats with style too, with leg crossed !

Do you feed your children mamak food ? Desperate parents like us will feed her anything which is allergy free and calorie laden. She's below the average weight for kids her age !