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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Partner in Crime turns 5 !

Amber's best friend and her partner-in-crime is cousin sister Yuen Wen cheh cheh..
Cheh cheh is 10 months older than Amber and since both are about the same age, they get along very well.

Cheh cheh turns 5 today and we'll celebrate with her tonight.

She had asked me to get a Playdoh set for cheh cheh... one that can churn out coffee and ice cream and one which is 'nicer' than her own set..
.. and she also chose a nice dress for cheh cheh.. the best that she liked and then tells me.. 'But Amber wants wor''.. so I bought 2, one for her, and another for cheh cheh.

... such is her generosity for her best friend, aka partner-in-crime.

Amber requested for photos of her and cheh-cheh and I have put up some here for her to enjoy
and recollect the good times spent together.

Both, as toddlers... sharing a 50sen car ride at Tesco Malacca.

sticking it out and comparing.. who has a longer tongue ~

this one.. i think with BIL's phone.. I really dunno what they are up to.. but it's just 'cute'

ohh.. this one.. do you see 'ginko nuts' clipped to their earlobes ?

and making monster faces

asking for a round of fun from hubs. Both of them like to be carried and swung around like an aeroplane flying and swimming in air.. only hubs has the energy to rough play with them..

'siaw mei mei' look

you 'siaw mei mei' me, and I 'siaw mei mei' you back !

Then, they go on holidays together

walking and in hand...

sharing an umbrella, although it's not raining :D

sisterly love ?

having breakfast together..

ransacking BIL's room to play xbox .. and because of this game, they do end up fighting.. :(

Karaoke together.. we need an earplugs for this one..kakakaka !

getting 'married'.. guess who's the bride and groom here.

best friend, partner-in-crime, sister-in-crime, I hope they will remain close and be best friends forever !
Happy Birthday cheh-cheh !