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Monday, September 6, 2010

Langkawi Again !!!

We did a short trip to Langkawi a week ago. This is our second trip in less than 6 months. I'll tell you why we like this island

- cheap booze
- cheap chocolates
- cheap car rental
- no traffic jam

actually, the very main reason we went again was getting free accommodation. BIL has time sharing at Aseania and would be a waste if he doesn't utilize it.

At 7cho-8cho, only she has this kinda energy !

We took the first AA flight out at 7.30am. Got up at 4.15am, first time ever, getting up at this unearthly hour to catch a flight. Guess what ? Amber woke up too, despite only getting to bed at 11am the night before. Her first words were : Today we go Langkawi ah ??

She must be been very afraid we'll leave without her coz hubs had threatened her the night before, Sleep now or else you are not going tomorrow. If you don't sleep late and wake up late, we'll be gone and you have to go to Boon Kor-kor's !

Poor girl, the horror thought of not being able to make it to Langkawi must have kept her body clock tuned up to wake up at the slightest sound.

Had our breakfast at Old Town LCCT. Very expensive. I should have just ordered the Pak Naseer's inflight nasi lemak online. That would have saved us precious time, instead of waiting impatiently for our half boiled eggs and toast while watching our time ticking by the seconds, the gates were closing !!!

Arrived Langkawi safely and early, despite a very turbulent flight. Thinking back, luckily we didn't order any inflight meals, otherwise our nasi lemak would have flung out of our seats or the kacang tersumbat our nose!

Rented a car. Since it's puasa month and low season, we got a better car at a cheaper price.

Nissan Latio sports. Small and nifty. I volunteered to drive. I'd rather enjoy the drive and scenery than entertain a 4 yr old who yaks non stop ! I've always liked white car but never had the courage to choose a high maintenance white so at this occasion, I fast fast take white !

Hubs took some pics of the car and along came a little model, posing along with our rented car.

Since we arrived at the island early, we went on our usual ritual checking out the prices of boozed and chocolates and loaded our car before checking in at the hotel. There's only a couple of shopping places at Langkawi - Kuah town, Teow Soon Huat, PL Soon Huat, and the Duty Free Center next to the Underwater World.

To cut short your shopping time, I'd suggest get everything settled at Kuah Town and PL Soon Huat - a run down supermart opposite the Petronas station, just off the airport. The car rental fellas will ask you to top up your tank here before you embark anywhere. It's where the locals shop for groceries. Go inside the store, right to the back, there's an air conditioned room where they stock up all their wine and alcohol.  Prices here are really reasonable and items are genuine too.

After checking in to Aseania, we headed to the pool. It was a hot and sunny afternoon, perfect for a beach holiday. I'd very much prefer hot and sunny weather for our holidays, we can't do much if it rains right ?

At this duty free island, drinks and booze are cheap. Dirt cheap !  We holiday-ed in style and ordered cocktails from the pool bar. I had a Long Island Iced Tea and hubs had the Blue Lagoon. Only RM10 each. Happy hour price. Cheap hor ???

Since we've been to the island many times, we planned ahead where to eat. Hubs wasn't going to give Mare Blu a miss and if I didn't stop him, he'd be here 2 nights in a row and ordering the same dish too ! I did blog about the wonderful fillet mignon we had on his birthday then and now, we ordered the same item. Fillet mignon for him (rare), me and BIL (medium rare) and Amber had fish and chips. Are we boring ? Take a look at the fillet mignon and you'll know why I can't resist having it again and again.

She don't have much choice, fish and chips is one of the very few dishes that do not contain egg and cream, except for the tartare sauce. She finished 80% of it , so the fish n chips must have been good or she's too hungry from all the swimming and playing.

Hubs picked up this wine for our dinner from the duty free outlets.

Amber knocked out in the car ride back to the hotel. She behaved very well despite lack of sleep!