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Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Merdeka !!

Happy Merdeka everyone !

Amber's kindie had a small do today. The kids were required to wear national costumes and the principal explained to the kids on meaning of Merdeka with a little bit of history.

Doing our part, we donned her in baju kurung, we thought it's a nice change from the CNY clothes she has and since Hari Raya is around the corner, baju kurung is easily available too. actually, I don't have any cheong sam!!

When there's a reason to celebrate in school, she'll wake up early. Her first words when she opened her eyes today was : today need to wear costume ah ? I want Mama to stay in school to take picture for me !!  vainpot!

She was very obedient, got up early, brushed her teeth without fussing and I did up her hair. I put some talcum on her back, just in case the baju kurung is uncomfortable as it looked kinda stiff with hundreds of sequins sewn on it.

Very 'stiff' looking Amber

Then, she turned and asked us to take the 'back view' :
I had a small chat w her before she left for school. I taught her to wish her teachers "Selamat Hari Raya" and say "Saya suka makan nasi lemak dan ketupat" .. I don't know what made me do that but seeing her dressed in baju kurung, looking resplendent and sweet, I wanted her to utter all things Malaysian. Crazy me !

The school is all ready to celebrate Merdeka. At the morning assembly, the principal was explaining to the children about Merdeka, the year we gained independence and such. I don't know if the kids understood but it's not too early to teach them some patriotism.

Everyone wore a national costume. In orange punjabi suit is one of the teacher assistants and at the back is Teacher Mila dressed in her national costume, from one of the Russian countries, near Uzbekistan, I think !

It does not matter where we are from and our race. As long as we are living in Malaysia, we should live in harmony !

Happy Merdeka !