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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Rocker - Our Best Purchase

Where do you place your babies when they were infants ? Baby rocker ? Bed ? Tilam or Sarong ?

Amber 'seat' was the bouncer when she's awake.
 The bouncer did not last long. After 2 months, I couldn't bounce her anymore, her bouncer was touching the floor.  You can see above, the safety strap was sliding away. If I'd leave her in the bouncer unattended, she would have wriggled her way down the bouncer and out.

Then we got her the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker for a princely sum of RM299 but I can tell you, it's worth every sen. The rocker was where I placed her safely when I need to get things done. The rocker went with us to the kitchen, when I needed to cook :

The rocker was also where she discovered her fingers and thumbs. She was about 7 weeks old. I was cooking dinner and I saw her enjoying her new discovery and I snapped some photos.
I placed her on the rocker when I need to get some work done, like ironing. She'll give me aimless looks, like 'Why are you not playing with me ?' The pic above was taken on one of her bad eczema attack days. Her cheeks looks red, tired and raw.
I sent the rocker to the babysitter so Amber can have a more comfy chair to play with Por Por and Por Por need not break her back carrying my little pumpkin all day.  We carried the rocker with us everyday to the babysitter's until we got fed up and left it there and got another rocker.. different color. So, we had 2 Fisher Price rockers.

Her rocker was my saviour as she grew too fat for me to carry. I'd just plonk her there and talk to her.. play with her, watch her blow bubbles and giggle giggle..

but she's smart too, after a while.. she wanted 100% of my attention, leave her alone for too long she'll wail !

We spent many moments with her on the rocker. Coz we were too darn lazy to carry her. and she was too fat and clumsy to climb out of it.

We fed her rice cereals - her first solids, on this rocker too.

She had her meals on the rocker for quite some time coz she could only sit on a feeding chair at age of 1.


4 years on, she has outgrown her rocker and not willing to part with it. 
Both rockers are at home now, one in the living room and the other in our bedroom.

She insists to 'tharn' her milkie on her rocker everynight, watching cartoons: 

She has certainly outgrown her rocker. Not willing to give it away, I think she'll use it until the rocking legs gives way !