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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper

Nothing delights a little girl more than helping her mother. That's the case for Amber. She loves helping me in the kitchen, helping to wash the cups (playing water), helping monitor my butter/sugar whisking in the mixer (playing with my cake mixer, on-off-lowering speed,on again, then increase speed until my mixing goes haywire), sweep the floor (pouring more dust n dirt to the floor), laundry (again, playing with the water hose).

One afternoon, when my mood was little better, I patiently taught her how to hang and dry her clothes. I gave her the little items, hankies, undies and socks and she, also, patiently clipped them up the umbrella hanger.

I had a good laugh with her results :
 she folded the face towels to quarters !

Anyway, good job Amber !