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Monday, September 6, 2010

Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant

We revisit Langkawi Fish Farm for lunch on our second day. We've been here couple of time, years ago, back then it was known as "Sangkar Ikan". Quite a novelty to dine at a fish farm, the restaurant is located by the sea and you can walk out to the fish farm to select your catch of the day.

This place was long forgotten in my 'to eat' list until I came across it on the travel brochure. For old times sake, we wanted to see how it fared. Not easy to find this place as the signages are quite bad. It's located between Kuah town and Kuah Jetty. Once you come to Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall (with a McDonalds on the front), turn to the back and follow along the road, only then you'll see signs to Langkawi Fish Farm.

Jalan Inderaloka
Kuah, 07000 Langkawi, KEDAH

at 12 noon, we were the only patrons. Not very promising for a restaurant advertising on the travel brochure and Langkawi map eh ? As a note, this place is run entirely by foreigners employed by the owner, whom I presume is a Malaysian.. so you know what kinda expectations to set should you decide to patronize this place one day.

We ordered very simple dishes, fried choy sum, garlic mantis prawn and orange chicken. Bill came up close to RM70. I didn't take any pics of the food as they were nothing to shout about. Basically, it was enough to keep our tummy filled.  The orange chicken was chicken with Sunquick sauce, nothing fancy.. so you get what I mean about dining here ?

Nevertheless, it's an interesting experience to bring the family here, walking out to the fish farm and checking out the catch of the day. I'll let the pictures do the talking : 

safety ? what safety ??

walking out to the fish farm.. not for the faint hearted .. the planks are wobbly and there's gaps in between.
Amber had to be carried. We only went halfway.

Nice view though...

She would make any situation fun. She plucked lalangs and presented to us as flower gifts

It doesn't matter if the food is good, or not... she has most fun !