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Monday, September 20, 2010

Going Eggy over EGG !!

Amber had breakouts recently, on her heels, behind knees, elbow and arms. The cracks especially those on the heels are quite bad and when it's dry, it tends to bleed. She had a bleeding episode on Jusco after too much running around at Jusco Malacca, her dry heels cracked and bled.. Hubs had to carry her as her legs were bleeding and in pain.

We consulted her allergy specialist - Dr Wong from Tangkak again. Since it was school holidays, we took the day off to Tangkak and stayed over the weekend at PIL's.

I suspected something amiss with her diet or exposure to something new that caused the breakout but I really can't pinpoint the actual cause. Her diet is normal, the usual stuff she's been taking for the past 5 months, nothing new. I've pumped her with freshly squeezed orange juice + honey recently and I don't think honey can be the cause.

Surprise ! surprise ! surprise ! Guess what was doctor's diagnosis ?

Eggs 12
House Dust Mites 0
Milk 0
Candida 0

The culprit is EGGS !

Her results from the visit on 19 June 2010 was :

House Dust Mites 0
Milk 0
Eggs 7
Candida 0

and we were told she should be fine after a month, given the appropriate antidote but her condition only got worst.

I've repeatedly told the childminder and kindie principal Amber should be off eggs. No party packs, no birthday cakes and nothing with eggs, dairy or yeast. They've complied and been very co-operative to see Amber win this battle.

I really can't think of where she was exposed to eggs.

I don't give her egg bath
I don't apply egg white on her !
and I don't think she runs downstairs to steal eggs to eat when we are asleep !

I'm so frustrated ! I cannot think of any occasions she's consumed eggs. We watch her diet like a hawk and that's not good enough. Reading food labels is not good enough.. what else can I do ?

Arrggggghhh !!!