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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Langkawi - Last of the Lot !

The last of the Langkawi lot here ;)

We debated on our second dinner at Langkawi. To go back to Mare Blu for it's all-you-can-eat of grills and sausages or to Sheraton Langkawi for it's buffet dinner. Why I mentioned buffets and all you can eat ??? We were hungry from bad breakfasts and lousy lunch. Debate debate debate.. we changed our minds thrice and ended up at :

Feast @ Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort.

I was craving for this :

So many days sans freshly brewed coffee, I was jittery and this is the reason I chose Sheraton. Hubs wanted to go back to Mare Blu again, he was sure the food will be good but I said the magical words 'free flow of freshly brewed coffee you know??'   to draw and float him back to Sheraton.

The other reason was the hotel being so clean n comfy. It just smells nice and the lobby is fully air conditioned. As I recall, not many resorts .. or maybe only those that I've been to at Langkawi ventilates their lobby with natural sea breeze. Not even Datai or Andaman has air conditioned lobby but ahhh... Datai is an experience not to be forgotten. BIL asked what was so good about Datai that people raves about. It's the luxury of having privacy and being pampered at the same time.. you know iced water and chilled face towels at the beach, dvd player in the room so you will not want to go anywhere but stay at the hotel. That's Datai. We'll  not go there anytime again soon, not with Amber. Children are not welcomed in this exclusive and private resort.

Back to our dinner.. we surveyed Sheraton the night before and I liked this :

Yippee, I thought, her food matters are resolved.  I asked the chef to cook her a egg free, dairy free soup and they did a chicken and vegetable soup for her, at no extra charge. Now, that's going the extra mile. Another reason to justify our dinner here.


I was hungry and had a soup, took all things grill, I think at least 20 grilled jumbo prawns, some meat, sausages and such. No carbs except for cranberry pudding which was heaven made match with freshly brewed coffee.

And she had her share of food and fun : 

Kueh lapis, the way it should be eaten, that is peeling off the white layer, then pink, then white.

And that was our dinner at Sheraton. If you want a nice buffet dinner with first class service and that's not too far away, 10 minutes from the airport, go to Sheratons.

Since our hotel is not located by the beach, we spent some fun time visiting other beaches.We took an afternoon flight home and had plenty of time to go to the beach again in the morning.

We dropped by at Holiday Villa's beach the following morning. Armed with bags, beach bags, beach toys, sunbock all carried by Mama, the coolie we beach bummed again.

She insisted on the bikini again but I insisted she's fully clothed. I don't want to risk a sunburn !


Sunblock, sunshades and hat - the beach essentials.

Father and daughter.. chasing the waves.. or was it being chased by the waves ? Me ? Lazing on the sundeck lah !

She had the beach all to herself. That's the advantage of travelling during fasting month. Less crowd.  

Bye Bye Langkawi ! And we'll be back next year. Hubs already asking me to check rates for Sheraton and Holiday Villa.