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Monday, September 6, 2010

Pantai Cenang

Amber's been asking to go to the beach the moment we arrived at Langkawi. To her, Langkawi is beaches, sand and sea, not duty free shopping and dining.

Our hotel has no beach, only a big pool with slides and we drove to the nearest beach at Pantai Cenang, the most happening spot at Langkawi, full of excitement and life and pubs, booze and bikini clad top girls too.

Applying sunblock on the little fart. 

I'm careful not to miss any spots, else she'll have a painful holiday ! She wanted to wear the 2 piece suit that Annie Q gave her. She calls it 'bra and panties' suit. Bikini, I corrected her.

Done and ready for the sun !
Deck chair available for rent at RM10 but not worth it.. I'll tell you a better bargain.. later
Pantai Cenang is so well equipped. All you need is to bring extra towels and sunblock
Amber and her sook-sook playing with the sand. I like going to the beach on late afternoons. The tides are low and I can relax and soak up the sun and watch Amber from afar and not afraid of her being swept away by the tides.

We found this cool place 'Yellow Cafe', a very hip cafe with lots of hammocks. You can hop from the beach with soaked body and sandy feet to this little cafe which is just reaching out the the beach. Very lovely atmosphere.

Do go to Yellow Cafe when you are at Pantai Cenang. Service is fab and drinks cheap.
Chilly cold beer at only RM5 a mug and you can swing round the hammocks and have your beer. Much better deal than renting a beach deck.

 The swinging hammocks. Once Amber discovered this, she dumped her beach toys !

We could see families having fun with water sports, people landing from parasailing, couples basking in the sun, to me, this is an ideal holiday, lazing around with a cold chilly beer and just watching the world go by.

We stayed till sunset and had to make a move for we had dinner reservations waiting.

Pantai Cenang has it's charm and we'll be back.