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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not so good purchase - The Bumbo Chair

We made many mistakes buying baby stuff. Amber was our first baby and we were a sucker for ideas and anything new in the market. Some were so well used like the rocker and some were not touched at all, notably the Ikea changing table, the Anakku jogger stroller, the bottle warmer, the playpad and many many many more.

Another bad puchase we made was the Bumbo Chair. It was very popular then, almost every new mom would get a Bumbo chair. I told my sis I wanted a Bumbo chair when I was preggie. I thought every parent should have it.

Not to be left out, we had to get one too. The instructions said for baby from 3 months and above. 
At 3 months, she was fat and wobbly and didn't look sturdy in the Bumbo at all. Her body was always tilted to one side

We waited for another month or so and tried her on the Bumbo chair. She didn't sit long and was fussing coz her body 'tilted' and she felt unsupported.

She felt stiffy on the Bumbo chair and we finally gave up when her fat thighs were stuck on the chair. I couldn't lift her up from the Bumbo without lifting the Bumbo along.

We had such a good laugh when I lifted Amber and her fat thighs was stuck on the Bumbo. Till today, my in laws make a joke out of it.. really funny.. Fat Amber and the Bumbo.

The Bumbo was never used again after the laughing episode but I did pass it around to other friends whose kids had not-so-fat-thighs and could make good use of the Bumbo.