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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Done ! Deleted !

I do quite a fair bit of online shopping and will not hesitate to buy online for clothes and items which I think is a fair deal and it's also exciting to receive packages by mail.

However I get very annoyed being tagged for clothes. Clothes meant for skinny meany wafer thin models.. or worst, clothes that's twice my size.  It's annoying to receive FB messages on me being tagged and I have to click to untag them.

I have only requested one mommy blogger to tag me for clothes she thinks suits and fits me and I appreciate her effort. The rest ? gosh.. they don't even know or have a rough idea my 'measurements' and I get tags, lots of them.

Today, I did a springcleaning. I deleted many of the online fashion stores with undiscriminating tags, flooding my FB and inbox.

I feel so 'clean' after the purge !