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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm just not careful enough

My brother asked me what I wanted from Australia before he came back for a short visit. I asked for snacks for Amber. Over here, I have difficulty getting snacks with proper labeling for allergy kids like Amber. I've only found one brand - Orgran and have been packing Orgran snacks for Amber everyday. Orgran is not cheap too ! One pack of cookies hardly last more than a week.

My brother got me quite a bit of Orgran snacks from Melbourne and also a pack of strawberry biscuits. My sister in law read through the ingredients, no eggs, no yeast, no dairy, PASS.

Amber loves the strawberry snaps very very much. Somehow, I have this uneasy feeling that the strawberry snack has some kinda 'secret ingredient' that makes her likes the snaps very much. I think mothers have six sense as I don't know why and what made me bring along the snaps to be tested by her doctor.

True enough, I brought the snacks to be tested by Dr Wong and it failed ! She's allergic to the snaps. I read the ingredients over and over again and can't pinpoint what she's allergic to until I read for the hundreth time and re-digest the word 'MARGARINE' - vegetable and 'animal fat'. Who would have thought margarine may consist of animal fat. Margarine may consist of animal fat. Animat fat could mean butter and butter could be dairy !

Gosh ! culprit of all culprits, the margarine.

The little girl almost cried when I gave all her favourite strawberry snaps away.