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Monday, September 27, 2010

Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine

We bumped into a Peranakan lady at Dr Wong's clinic by chance. We were waiting for our turn and I overheard 2 chinese looking ladies conversing in Malay. Naturally curious naturally kaypoh, I chatted with them and found out they were from Malacca then, subject of 'food' came about. I almost went through a whole list of Nyonya food that I wanted to try in a day (but have no stomach space!!) and she told us to forget the touristy places and go to Amy's for good Nyonya food. The place is not easily located using GPS but search for Alliance Bank at Melaka Raya and you'll get to Amy's, just a few blocks away.

Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine (halal)

 75, Jalan Melaka Raya 24, Taman Melaka Raya.
06-286 8819.

The proprietor, Amy Koh is a Malaccan nyonya (quite obvious!!) and she was an ex dental nurse. She opened this restaurant 3 years ago upon retirement and she did well, judging from the framed credentials on the walls of the restaurant.
She was invited by United Nations to cook for the Malaysia-Melaka food festival at New York. Don't be afraid of high prices with her international exposure. Her husband, Lim , claims they have not increased their prices for the last 3 years.

 She even glazed the United Nation stamps. Isn't that something to be proud of ?

At Amy Nyonya's, you get very personal service. Her husband, Lim took our orders and I left it to him to suggest dishes except for ayam pongteh I specifically ordered just for Amber as it was not spicy. He warned us we may have to wait a while for our dishes as they cut and cook the vegetables fresh for each order, except for ayam pongteh  and oooh.. that sounds very promising of a fresh and delish dishes coming up.
The rice was served in this whatchamacallit basket.. laced with banana leaf.. and FREE FLOW too ! A delight for my fan thoong hubs !

Here's what we had : 
 Ayam pongteh.. 
slightly sweet.. but very tasty and fragrant. Amber liked the ayam pongteh here compared to the other Nyonya food we had the following day.

Sambal jantung pisang.
This is sooo delish. They take pride in being the very rare restaurant which serves sambal jantung pisang. I can't make out the ingredients but I can taste some cincaluk or belacan.

 Kangkong Kobis Keledek Masak Titik Lemak 
Very very appetizing dish. The gravy was very delish, a nice blend of sweetness and saltiness. Goes oh sooo well with warm rice. Can't say more, you have to try this dish.

 Cincalok Omelette.
Appetizing. Now I have a new idea to cook omelette. Must make a note to buy some cincalok from Malacca next time.
 Pie Tee
Top hats were very crispy and the radish salad filling did not drown the skin. Just nice.

 Sambal petai udang.. 
Another ooh la la dish.. Can't say more.. you just have to try this.

Hubs, Amber and I were very very happy with our dinner. The dishes were all typically and traditionally Nyonya. Lots of care and fussiness put in it, from the way the vegetable is cut, the correct blend of spices so as it's not overly sweet, spicy or salty but just perfect.

We had no room for desert but when Amy suggested a bowl of her homecooked bubur kacang merah and pulut hitam that's not on the menu, we couldn't resist and shared a bowl.

You wanna see the proof of a good dinner ?

Our plates licked clean !!! Only 2 of us and we had THAT MUCH !!!

Amber and Amy Koh, the proprietor of Amy Nyonya Heritage.

We'll surely be back, I have yet to try the other items.. Itik Tim, Udang lemak nenas, kari kapitan... gosh.. I'm sooo greeeeedyyyyyyy.....

On a sidenote, we went to another Nyonya restaurant with the in-laws the following day. It was a last minute decision as all other chinese restaurants were full, the 8th lunar month is popular for weddings and hence we could not find a place to eat. FIL suggested Nyonya !

This other place, Bibik Neo's was also a popular one at Melaka Raya but the service and food is a far cry from Amy's. Prices ain't cheap either. I popped in to their kitchen and it looks more like a 'tai chow' kitchen on the backyard of a shophouse, unlike Amy's kitchen which is clean, orderly and proper and Amy is always inside supervising.

Yes, I'm a busybody, I like to visit kitchens !!!    :D