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Friday, December 9, 2011

My kitchen wall

... been invaded adorned  with her art pieces.

but.. never mind, it makes the house more 'warm'

Here's what she has pasted on the wall :

 This is a King.. but sometimes she'll tell me it's Daddy ! too funny !

She drew this at school, during her spare time. I love how she hung those ketupats up...
 and this is part of a school craft, in the spirit of Merdeka.. they made a paper hand glove

 I like this best . .. how she accentuates the pouty lips and blushing cheeks.. and this is Amber .. 

This is a colorful house. 
 Another school craft .. the elephant trunk is a toilet roll.

writings to tell me she's been good and practising her handwriting..

Momentoes.. a bit here and there.. maketh the house warm. :)