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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Anniversary Weekend

 Last weekend was our 10th Anniversary.  10 years passed in a flash and our proudest moment is being parent to this little fart..

We didn't do much of a 'celebration' except for a quick lunch, just the 2 of us at our 'pak-tor' jaunt - Ma Maison at Ampang Hilir. Year end is always such a busy period and we didn't think much of a celebration to be had.

We checked in to the hotel where we were married, sorta like a reminiscence of a sequence of event happening on the same day, 10 years ago. 
Hubs taught Amber to play chess and of course got into an argument later.. Amber whined "Papa don't let me play".. and Papa whined.. "You cannot play until you learn the moves"..

I'd stayed out of the argument and left them both to battle. I can-never-play-chess-so-don't-ask-me !!

We took a monorail to Bukit Bintang and the train ride was already an adventure for her. Kids just love train rides and the RM1.20 fare goes a long way to her make happy :D
Saw Santa Claus, Santarina and carollers at Fahrenheit. This Santa is very generous, gave us a pressie- free coffee and cake from Pacific Coffee.

Had dinner at Hutong Lot 10 - the Jalan Imbi meat ball noodle, which i'm very sure is egg-free, mushroom-free. Have to be more diligent now and only go to stalls which I'm 110 % sure.

Went back to the hotel and our annivesary gift from Amber was a body massage. Macam macam style ada...

The following day.. caught up with Arthur Wee who was also staying in the same hotel. We checked out after breakfast and a swim and  did another touristy thing. Went up KL Tower. First trip for Amber and me.

Nothing much.. and we couldn't spy our home, blocked by another tall building.

Amber took the pony ride and we also went for the 6D motion master *very exciting* but can't take any photos.

and that... was our Anniversary Weekend.. ......