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Friday, December 9, 2011

Allergy Update

Amber had her allergy checked 2 weeks ago. I suspected something amiss when skin between her toes started itching and cracking.

Readings :

Dairy -0
Dust mites -5
Colorings - 0
Latexx - 0 
Candida - 0
Eggs - 0 

My heart sank. I freaked. I felt cheated. I don't care much about the dust mite allergy. I cannot eliminate dust mites.. they're like.. everywhere and hello??? I can't walk around with a vacuum cleaner but I did put in 200% to make sure she abstain from eggs ! Edgy eggs ! I hate E-G-G !! Just short of 6 months to complete the whole allergy cycle, she had to come into contact with eggs. The poor girl has to start all over again, another couple of months or two to total elimination , no trace of eggs in her body and another 12 months countdown before we can introduce eggs to her.

there goes.. the dream of baking her a proper birthday cake with eggs, butter and all
there goes ... our longing to bake together... cookies, cakes and such.

BLAH !!!!!

I couldn't figure out what she had eaten. We've been very careful at home and she hardly eats out except for very specific food. I Love Yoo's porridge, Nyonya Colours kuih lapis, McDonalds fries and fried chicken and Madam Kwans fried whole leg and nasi bojari. We zoomed down the possibilities to Madam's fried chicken. I've asked the staff before and they've said it's egg free but it's really hard to say. I'm pretty sure McD is strict with their food preparation and when they said no eggs..they mean it. So..we've axed Madam's fried chicken from her list of permissible food.

I feel very much for her. I wished I am bearing the brunt of food allergies and not her. If I could make this Christmas wish come true, I would. 

BAH !!!!!!!!!