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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snapshots from Holiday Program

Updated : evening, 23/2/2011. I went through the pics with Amber and she told me story for each photo.

I found in FB today, pics of Amber's Holiday Program's last day (Performance Day). The one I've missed with guilt

Not entirely my fault, the center discouraged parents to attend as they didn't have a proper hall and the event was conducted in the school premise. 

I'm happy to find these photos on her participation :

I guess, this 'Mr' must be the teacher. At the end of the program, each kid is given a pressie pack of reading materials.
Updates : 'Mr' is not the teacher. He's just giving out presents to the kids. I assume he must be the owner of the center.

 Here she is, performing with her peers.
Update : The kids performing the "i love you, you love me, we are happy family, with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won't you say you love me too".  Sang twice !!

Updates : Kids from her class. from left : Lim Yu Chin (chin as in human chin !), Nawfah, Yen Yew, Amber, Nazmi, Hannah. 
Hannah is Nawfah's jie jie. they stay together.
Nazmi - same like kindie Nazmi but this Nazmi is smaller than kindie's Nazmi
Yen Yew very naughty, like to disturb me. When teacher is teaching, she always disturb. I want to listen to teacher, she also don't let me listen. Always disturb me.
I like Yu Chin. she is my good friend.
**names are inaccurate**

I found these photos under the 'Elocution 2010' folder.

She's a brave girl, speaking on a microphone to a crowd.
I wonder if she'd be this brave if I was around .. hmmm ...  ???

Updates : I sing : Oh Giraffe! Giraffe! You make me laugh.
You are so wrong, to have a neck so long

Although I missed the performance (and I'm sure many parents missed it too), I have these photos to keep. She has gain lots from the program. She came home with better spoken English, better mannerism, remembering her P's & Q's. I'll enrol her again next long holidays.

Updates : I like her narration for each photo !