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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Program Ends Today

Her 3 week holiday program officially ends today. I am happy with her progress as she comes home a happier child, talks better and is more polite. Now I realise how important peer influence is. A happy environment breeds a happy child. The program I sent her to focus on phonics and she learns sounds of words, piecing words together with lots of singing, dancing and happy happy things.

She amazed us when she came home one day and told my sis about the gingerbread man story. I've been busy baking gingerbread man and all I know is some old lady and gingerbread man can run, I didn't know the details until she told me.

The story, as narrated by Amber, in English, as spoken by her :

the old lady make gingerbread man, bake them in oven
then the old lady wasn't looking ah.. the gingerbread man say... help ! help ! it's too hot in here
he started running away ,
then he came to a river, but cannot cross because got water 
then he met a fox
the fox ask him to climb over to his short tail and walk across the river
then the gingerbread man climb on the tail
until he reach the fox head and fell down
the fox ate him..
nyom.. nyom.. nyom..
then no more gingerbread man already lor !

 She was very excited today and specifically wanted to wear a long skirt she asked me to buy for her last week at 1 U. She hardly ask me to buy clothes but liked this 'wheeeeee' skirt very much. She's also wearing a very pretty headband from Aunty Shireen. Her ladies and children collections are available here.

It's a pity the small performance is not open to parents. The school had no proper venue for the event and parents were warned of no seating space and I thought I'll skip it. I trust she will perform with confidence and grace. I can't wait to see in the facebook next month.

She has one more week off.. with no class. Hmmm.. how should I keep her occupied ?