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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Lazy Day

Today's a public holiday and a perfect opportunity to sleep in. We've been busy since Christmas up to the New Year, with a list of to-dos everyday, except today. The hubs and the little one slept till past 10am, very rare.
I was up at 8am after taking some Panadol cold and flus. Somehow drowsy medicine - pseudophedrine has adverse reaction on me. It's a component that knocks many off. I'll feel drowsy, yes, but I'll be up the after 5 hours and have difficulty getting back to bed. Toss and turned till 8am and got my lazy butt up, surfed the net, FB-ed and moved my butt down to do the laundry. Since being a mom, I've never overslept past 8am. My body's alarm clock will wake me up automatically

We visited the BIL and his family in Cheras, had lunch and was back home by 5pm. The hubs and little fart went to bed again and slept for another good 2-3 hours ! That's very unusual for Amber to sleep that long. I did the ironing and etc till almost dinner time.

It's now past midnight and she's bright as a lark, hyper as a puppy. Sei for !