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Friday, February 25, 2011

Getaway to Avillion Admiral Cove

We took off to Port Dickson last weekend. A timely break from the last few week of busy-ness. I bought the vouchers from Matta Fair last Sept, a superior room for RM185nett, inclusive of breakfast for two. Very cheap but the reviews I read from Traveladvisor doesn't sound very promising but anyways we packed our bags and went lah........


I heard the rooms were just average and we took the lowest category and so I asked the reception for an upgrade with a fee but apparently upgrades were not allowed in the old wing that the superior rooms were located.

and so.. we thought..'never mind la' just a short night stay..
and so..  we checked in ...
but .....
surprise ! surprise !!!  the room was way above our expectations. I actually had my expectations set so low that I wanted to roam around PD town but there's really nothing much to do. Too lazy to drive to 'town' and nearby attractions we just.. haih... not worth mentioning. 

The room :

Very nice and you can tell how good the room is by Amber's expression. She don't complain or fuss much but if the room is good and clean..she'll make herself comfortable,, very easily and fast.

We had a good view of the marina from our room :

I drove out to get some sunblock and beach toys while hubs took a nap and  Amber played with all the shower gel, shampoo and soap. She claims to be washing hands.. and it took her a good 30 mins. ... and a very wet bathroom...Trust the hubs to care for her ..:(

We took a walk around the marina and poolside since it was too hot for a swim

Hubs didn't want to swim, he has a headache and Amber and I went to the pool for a good half hour or so. We skipped the beach coz it started to rain.. haih.. .. that's always the issue with pool/beach play. Too hot, we avoid like plague.. rains and we sulk.
I cheered her up with a bunny bath robe. A pressie from Boon Kor Kor for 3rd birthday..

We showered  and we got ready for dinner.. the rain had stopped. I insisted we go back to the beach so as not to waste our holiday time .. eating and sleeping and Amber agreed with me :D

She's happy just playing sand and didn't complain of not able to get into the water. We brought a Ben10 kite but kept it aside as there wasn't much wind.

We left the beach close to 7.30pm, was a bit windy then, so we quickly let her fly the kite before it gets too dark. Love the sunset tone here :

We had dinner at nearby Restaurant Yuan Jing (will blog if and when I've time .. ) and called it a day. An early evening after weeks of late night.

Breakfast was included in our package.. Presentable and of reasonable quality and coffee was good ;)
Amber couldn't wait to hit the beaches, she was afraid of bad weather again. She's been chanting beach ! beach ! pool ! pool ! swim ! swim ! from the moment she woke up :D
Can't wait to hit the sand and sea !!!!!!!!!

and that... was our short getaway to Avillion Admiral Cove. I'll definitely get more vouchers at the next Matta fair from 11 - 13 March 2011 @ PWTC.