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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Garbage Enzymes

I've heard plenty about garbage enzymes but was hesitant to make some. I've thought, how good could garbage waste be ? My friend Jo gave me a small bottle of enzymes, fermented from CNY leftover limes. Boy, it was good, my floor was streaking clean and that bottle lasted me for almost a year. I diluted a small capful of enzymes to a pail of water to mop my ceramic tiles. That also shows how frequent I mop my floor.. te hehehe..

I made my own garbage enzymes from pineapple peels. I harvested them just before the CNY and now I have enough bottles of enzymes to last a year and more to share with the family too.

Recently, we were at Geographer's Cafe at Jonker's Walk. I saw the bartender peeling pails of limes. To me, the fragrant and zesty lime peels were prized. He gladly packed them for me when I asked if I could have them :)

Almost a kilo of peels

Mixed with diluted brown sugar in proportions of  1:3:10  (1kg sugar : 3kg peels : 10 liters water).
seal and ferment for 4 months and they are good to use.

These are bottles of harvested pineapple enzymes. Plenty to share with family and friends

So, if you have pots of lime plants and leftover mandarin oranges, you know what to do :)