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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines

It's just another day for us. No candlelight romantic celebrations. Unlike pre-Amber years, when I look forward to flowers+card+meal, then it was just card+meal, then card.. and then non-event..  :D

Not that I'm complaining but being with him 24/7, what is there to celebrate ? Clinging champagne glass, just the 2 of us ? Well probably be checking on our watch, worrying about leaving Amber at the childminders till too late.

A solid marriage needs no Valentine's Day for reinforcement of our affection for each other. It's the littlest things he does which matters more, like getting vitamins for me every morning, preparing the girl for school, tucking Amber and me to bed before he sleeps and more....

Anyways, we'll spend the evening with our close friends, Thomas & Joanne with home cooked dinner and prob. beer and a movie. Kids included :)

Happy Valentines to all and I'm off to the kitchen now.. Hoi Wok !