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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Keeping Up With The Joneses

This is too funny and I had to put it down in words before I forget.

Amber is always comparing .. what others have and why we don't.

She'll asks for :
chapter 1  -  BIL has a new Estima with sliding doors
- can we have a car with a sliding door like sook-sook's ? 
- can we have tv in the car like sook-sook's ?
- why we cannot ???
- why we cannot have many people staying in our house when sook sook can ?
- next time ah. papa.. can you buy a car like sook-sook's or not ?

chapter 2 - Neighbour hung 2 red lanterns on the balcony for CNY, along with some CNY ding-a-lings on the grill
- can we hang lantern or not ? why Uncle Ah Seng (my neighbour) can have lantern, we cannot ?
- I explained... CNY over already.. we may hang, next year...  Oh.. never mind la.. hang now la.. no need to wait till next CNY

chapter 3 - at some party, a little kid was wearing a maxi dress. 
- can I have a dress so long or not ? down to my knee ? My dress also not nice .. not long enough wan. ??

ohhhh.... she's always comparing of not having enough !!! many more instance and I shall just name 3 here but I pulled a fast one on her just now, in the car, on our way home : 

 - just an hour ago, went to friend's house. his gate is a lot wider than ours
- Mama, next time ah.. can we have a gate like Uncle Leonards ?? 
- When we have house No. 3 ah.. we build a big gate ok ? (We are currently staying at house #2, #1 was at our previous condo)

hmmmm...... I answered :
how bout having a swimming pool in the house also ?
-- errr.. ok lor
then do you want a ballet hall in the house too ?
- ahh.. yes ! yes ! put the long bar ok ? so I can put my leg up !
shall we add a basketball court inside too ?
- can !
what about a football field.. neh.. the big field with grass where people play football like the World Cup ?
- ok lor..
shall we also put in a beach and sea to our house # 3 ?
- how ah ?
just add a beach lah.. if you need to play sand.. go to the beach, no need to go Port Dickson.
- ahh.. can (nods her head, smiles with glee)
shall we also add a mountain ?
-can ! but what's a mountain ?
 ok... like that.. very easy.. sleep first ok ? House #3 will appear in your dreams !!

wuakakakakaka  !!! hubs was already laughing out loud !