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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lion Dance Extravaganza

This year beats the previous years. We've seen so many lion dance performance. First was the lion dance at Chinatown, then a week later, we caught another performance at Pavilion and Lot 10...
... and there's another lion dance at the neighbour's house on Day 2
... and another at a relative's house on Day 4

... but the most interesting one had to be at the TTDI  market last Sunday.

We've been following the TTDI lion dance since last year and we heard this year's gonna be a 'big one' with an acrobatic performance, thanks to advance notice from Annie Q. Woke up early and moved our butt to TTDI market.
I'll let the photos do the talking here :

the ensemble for acrobatic performance.

the troupe

Hubs caught a few nice shots of the prancing lions :

The girl, Ashley and Amber,  had a whale of a time with the lions.. watch out, these 2 have potential to form their own troupe.

Then came the indoor performance at the foyer of the market but not before blasting 8 strings of firecrackers. Watch the sequence :


RUN !!!!!!!!

bing bing bang bang,bing bing BANG !

so loud, we had to plug our ears !!!

The indoor stint
Kissing lions ! cute :)

"Thou" - Rabbit in Chinese character

The lion presents a platter to the organizers

and we get lucky mandarins !

A photo of us ladies and kids crazy enough to spend 5 hours of a Sunday to catch the lion dance extravaganza.. Patsy and Tessa, Barbara and Ashley, Annie with Fearles and Cruz , Amber and yours truly.

The day gets more interesting as Ashley and Amber aspires to be lion dancers. Here they are saddling on their poor daddy's shoulders doing the lion thingy

Then the third and final performance was at the meat section.
Erm.. I think Ashley and Amber has what it takes to start a mini lion dance club. Just look at them :

Barb, we should have asked the sifu if he's willing to take our girls in as disciples. Anyone interested to send their kids to lion dance ?? Perhaps they can earn us some $$$$ next CNY. hahahahahaha **wishful thinking**

 Annie's hubs was ready to launch some cannon confettis with Fearles and Cruz !

and sent Tessa, Amber and Ashley running to grab strings and ribbons from the confettis.
Confetti's galore !!!

and it all ended with a 4-string firecrackers. We almost got caught in the fireworks mayhem as they lighted the fireworks without any warning.. we all ran helter skelter... looking for a way out before our eardrums burst.. boy.. it was nothing but FUN !!!!
The aftermath !!

bye bye lion dance... we'll be back in 2012.. the Year of Dragon !!

Today marks the last day of CNY celebrations - Chap Goh Mei.
Wishing everyone Chu Ru Ping An Shen Di Jien Kang !