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Thursday, February 17, 2011

CNY Reunions and such

My friends commented I have a very 'happening' and 'busy' CNY. Busy it is, and yes, it's happening too. No excessive drinking, binging or gambling - pua kiaw BUT... we try to catch up with family, relatives and friends as much as possible. Nothing could be more important than family ties and friendship rekindled in this festive season over a glass of wine or two. Most of us let's busy-ness dictate our daily routines and CNY is the time to take a deep breath and put our holds down, for a glass of wine.. or two :)

The in laws, nieces and nephews came over on Saturday night for another reunion. We can hardly count the number of times in a year that we actually get together so a gathering at our place makes it a reunion. Although the nieces were late, they made it nonetheless. One niece had to attend a wedding dinner and another niece runs a mobile phone shop and Saturday is a busy day. By the time they wrap up the business for the day and rush over to our home, it's almost midnight. Again, better than never and sincerity counts. We welcome them with open arms. I cooked da usual jazz - hokkien noodle, waxed meat rice, curry chicken and guai ling koa for all.


The kids only started playing fireworks at 1am !!

 The bottles we uncorked :

We are blessed with  a long break this CNY and the time is well spent with what matters most - our family members and dear friends :)