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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winekaki Gathering - 19 Jan 2011


The hubs and his winekaki's had another a do to kickstart the gongxi gongxi spirit on 20 Jan 2011. This round was at Steve and Fun's.

the wines we had

the ones that did not make it. Leonard got it exchanged at the wine dealer's. Always recommend to buy from credible dealers and be a regular. At least when the wine goes wrong.. either from bad storage, bad shipping or bad handling, we can get an exchange. Logistics is very crucial here. One error in the chain, the wine turns bad.
Steve set up a tent outdoors for the kids.
Fun had plenty of toys for the kids too.

Fun had loads of scrapbook-ing stuff from materials to machines for us to meddle with.

We had our first lou sang toss. The first is always the best. Always :)

The food we had.. mostly takeaways as it was a working day and no one had the time to cook. Nevertheless, food was excellent.

One taking notes, while the other giving..

Even the husbands were fascinated with her scrap booking tools. Plenty and she has a whole attic room for her stuff. *envy*  *envy*

Amber likes the Haji Samuri satay, Kajang original :)

The best tool had to be the iPad. ES had a program downloaded just for wines, to memo down the wines we had. He is now promoted officially to be our 'wine librarian'   :)
Wine, crafts, food and kids.. it was a very enjoyable evening for our winekaki's and families.

Next stop - Leonards !