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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Doing What Adults Do

Some kids thrive on schedule, some are flexible. Mine thrives on schedule but I'm sorry I can't afford to stick to a schedule that's best for her. We have our never ending list of things to do and she has to fit in on weekends. I'd rather she be with us than pay the childminder extra to take care of her. Amber knows a whole lot of stuff that we do, like why her daddy needs to meet the client and who we are meeting.

I can't put her to bed by 9pm coz I have the housework to do. If I do try to put her to bed, I'll most likely waste about an hour or more getting her to sleep and fall asleep too. There goes the piled dishes and laundry.

After our maid left, she was a free and easy kid. No fixed meal times, bed times or shower times. Last Saturday was quite a long day. She woke up late, we dashed out of the house and came back past 9pm and she's already asleep. She missed her shower ! Terrible me but what to do ? She's my best accesory that I carry around with on weekends, be it marketing, meeting clients or running errands.

She even konk-ed out while having dinner and hubs had to carry her like a soft toy. We got quite a few funny stares too but we're used to it :)

Hubs relishing his Duck King noodles !! 

Saliva dripping down.... tsk tsk tsk.