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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Concert

Last Saturday was her Concert Day. A day waited in anticipation and excitement. Her class had 2 performances. Half of the kids danced to 'Raindrops' and Amber's team danced to Justin Bieber's Eenie Meenie. It was because of her concert that hubs got a Justin Bieber's cd , getting hubs to buy a pop cd is unheard of but this daddy will do anything for her baby.

We got up early, dressed her up 'carefully'. Her costume's fabric wasn't quite comfortable and I had to make sure she doesn't itch and cry her heart out during performance. I sewed pipings on the joints of her top and I put on shorts for her to cover over her tummy, so the garters do not pull on her tummy but on the shorts instead. I also put on lotion, followed by powder, carefully on her body.  The hubs was responsible for the camera. Both of us were as excited and we were just like little kids again, waking up early, changing, packing and screaming at each other for being late.

I'd say we were both proud parents sending our little kid off to school for her concert. She is to arrive early, the teachers will put on make up, prep them up and they'll all go to the concert venue in a school bus. We parents, made our way to the venue on our own. When arrived just in time as the kids and I nearly wanted to cry when I saw her. Our little baby, the fart I've been carrying in my arms since birth, breastfeeding her, changing her diapers, helping her toddle, guiding her walking,  is now a little girl, with make up and all and getting ready to perform on stage too.

Our baby is no longer a baby!!!  You know the feeling ? The feeling of watching your little baby do all things adult, dancing, dressing and making up. Makes me wanna cry. I'm sure many moms feel the same.
I'll let the pics do the talking of the day we had  :

Dressing her up for the concert.

Arriving at the location, with make up and prepped up with bling bling hairbands and all

She was a proud little girl as we were the few parents there early, greeting them and she was all SMILES.

The concert started with the kids and parents singing Negaraku. 

Her performance was dance #6 and before the dance started she waved at us.. Mama !!! Papaa !! Take more picture ok ?? she called.. 

Justin Bieber... Eenie Meenie

Miniee moe lover

Then the concert ended and they sang the school song. Amber was all smiles again, she knew her Papa was taking photos of her.

Here she is with Sharon, both of them had so much fun and we almost didn't want the concert to end.
 The principal, teachers and assistants did a great job. Took them months and months of hardwork to realise a 2 hour performance. The school took a well deserved break today.