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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Over The Weekend

We went back to Tampin over the weekend to celebrate MIL's bday. We dropped by the newly opened Jusco at Bandaraya Melaka for a stroll and the place is HUGE ! My feet gets tired so easily walking from one end of the mall to another. We left the kids at Funkidz, a BIG and huge playland. Charges only RM8 per entry, darn cheap compared to the little playland inside Jusco which charge RM5 for 20 minutes.

Now the kids are more manageable (Amber being 4 years old and her Yuen Wen Cheh Cheh, 5), we leave them at playlands. They no longer enjoy the car rides and merry go rounds (which are darn expensive, RM1 per ride lasting no longer than 1 minute). The adults will take turn to keep an eye on them in case they wanna go toilet or need a drink of water. Usually hubs and me will scoot off shopping when FIL & MIL watches over them.

When I finished my shopping, I saw Amber playing computer games instead.. haih.. and with a stranger some more. I quickly went over and see what they are up to.

Apparently, the guy in blue, was here since morning. He got so bored waiting for his kids and played with the computer games instead, and he taught Amber how to play.. Ok, he's harmless and I was relieved. Manatau, when hubs came later, he taught hubs how to play the computer games too. . . :( So for adults who are bored waiting for their kids, there's always the computer games to keep them occupied.. LOL !
So, the whole afternoon was all about the kids having fun at Funkidz playland and then we went for our sumptious dinner at Dragon Deluxe.
This is only half of what we had. I'm so typical and lazy, only take pics at the beginning of dinner and forgets after the 3rd or 4th dish.

Since Amber could not take most of the food except steamed fish, we fed her KFC's mashed potatoes before dinner.
Since we were so full from a full course dinner, we waited till the next day for MIL to cut her bday cake.

Amber and her cheh-cheh. I think they are more excited than the birthday girl (MIL) to blow candles and cut cake.

Happy Birthday MIL !

She has to share her cake with her 2 grand daughters.

Amber did have any bite of the cake. I let her fool around and play with candles to take her mind off cakes !
Then we quickly packed and went back to KL for another big pirates party at Annie Q's. Read more about Fearles and Cruz birthday here.
We had so much fun with the food and games and Amber participated with most of the games. Unlike last year's party, she was shy with the clown and friends, this year, she was very active and had lots of fun.
I can't think much of a pirates theme but Annie told me to dress her flowery n colourful and we got her those little fake curly hair pins. She's been asking hubs to get for her sometime ago.

She went home with lots of pressies, belated birthday pressies from Aunty Barbara, Aunty Patsy, Aunty Annie and from the games she participates. Thanks Patsy, Barb and Annie for the pressies. I 'paiseh' lah.. Amber's birthday already passed and you still give her pressies.
At home, she couldn't wait and kept herself busy with one the pressies, an art n craft thingy :