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Friday, May 7, 2010


Before we had a proper diagnosis done on what she could and could not take, we were only guessing she could be allergic to soy also. In midst of desperation, I came across this milk from a kiosk at a supermarket near my office :

Organic Soy Milk. Beetroot flavour. Pink color. Very nice. Vanilla and chocolate flavours available too.

Initially I thought it was another dairy product with oats but the promoter explained to me it's daily free, made from oat grains. I was so happy then to have found something to satiate Amber's milk needs.

I like this milk a lot. Since Amber can now take Isomil, this tin of milk is MINE. It's delish and do not give me the bloatedness and gas that cows milk does.

Organic, with antioxdants, high calcium, soluble fiber, lecithin and DHA, I'll choose oat milk over dairy milk anytime.

A bit expensive if compared to dairy milk powder but cheaper than Isomil and Pediasure. RM27 for a tin or RM50 for 2, its available at Village Grocers, Mercato and Olives.

Try it if you can't tolerate dairy milk.