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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chap Goh Mei with a Big Big Bang !

Remember how I ended up Chap Goh Mei last year with a big big BANG ?

This year's Chap Goh Mei was very eventful, big big BANG with firecrackers instead.
Lovely Annie told me about the lion dance at a market in PJ and after a long night at i-City, I had to wake up the lazy logs hubs and Amber. Both refused to wake up and I had to use 'lion dance' to make her jump out of bed. She would not miss any change to watch a lion dance.

And so... off we went to PJ to catch the lion dance with Annie and her family
And so... it was the best lion dance performance we caught this year.

8 strings of firecrackers !! Awesome !!!

The dance began with 2 purple lions (very lively lions with blinking battery operated eyes)

The fireworks ping ping pang pang !! Sooo loud. For the life of me, I've never been THAT close to a firecracker before.

I hardly have a chance to cover my ears when I had to cover hers. How to cover 4 ears with 2 pairs of hands ? You tell me :)

The consequence.. a red dusty floor.. very very CNY and I like it !

More lion dance show ensued.

She had a good view of the lion dance show from top.

Then the 'dai tou fatt', or teaser gave Amber sweets, teasing her.. give.. then withdraw.. give.. then withdraw... she wasn't afraid at all.

Then all the kids received oranges from the lion.

Amber and Annie's princes.. Cruz & Fearles

Cruz was very happy to receive an orange from the mighty lion

Then we waited for a second fireworks show at another section of the market. While preparing, they took down the decorations and Amber held up a 'giant pineapple'

Amber peeping at her boy-boy, Fearles. Cute ?

Before the fireworks began, she shut her ears. Really deafening but she still wanna watch. She loves fireworks and lion dance. That's what chinese new year is all about to her.


The rest of Chap Goh Mei was spent with my aunties visiting our home. Since I'm the youngest, the lou-cheen-pui will visit us last but me and hubs are very happy to receive them at our home.

When the Tans gather (my aunties, sister and family), we are really LOUD !
This time the topic was about mops.. my aunt, like me, is also maidless now and she was busy experimenting the mops in my house :

To see the effectiveness of the mop, I asked her to help me mop the floor. LOL !

I fried nien-gao with yam and sweet potatoes for them

CNY is all about getting together and catching up on the happenings for the whole year.

Bye Bye CNY.... Amber returns to school tomorrow ... ... ...

Well, CNY over, life goes on, healthy diet and exercising a PRIORITY on my to-do list. :)