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Monday, March 8, 2010

Who Do You Think You Are ?

Over the weekend, we had friends over and Amber and the kids turned the house upside down. We cleared the mess at night, while she was sleeping. Hubs was in charge of clearing the toys while me, the rest (from this to that.. everything). Hubs fumed, picking up her toys was worst than assembling a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Then the little fart, awoke crying, asking for us to sleep with her. Hubs sent her to bed to sleep on her own, the she comes out crying again.. in , out of the room, up and down the stairs, doing the Indian drama dance.

Then she said she wanted to nggg-nggg (poo). Hubs said to wait until he get his hands clean. She shouted again for hubs (crying as well).  Hubs got annoyed and shouted back..

Wait la ! Who Do You Think You Are ? Cannot wait ah ??

she cried, feebly :

I am Amber lah .. wuaahhh... wuahhhh...

**lol**  I couldn't help laughing.
Next time, anyone asks you that, sarcastically, you know what to say ya ??