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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Avilion Port Dickson - Pet Farm

This deserves a post of it's own. During our stay, Amber was feeding the pets everyday at 10am-11am. There's a small but very clean Pet Farm and Aviary, maintained by a lady by name of Saroja, who clearly loves her job. The cockerels and rabbits have names and they obey Saroja's instructions.

We were led to the Pet Farm by this peacock, who flew past the swimming pool, next to where we were having breakfast :

Hubs and Amber chased after the peacock and found him at the Pet Farm and then more cockerels and rabbits awaits them.

I think this one is 'Kajan'.. I really can't remember their names, all I could think of was 'lucky cockerels, else they'd end up in curry pots !'

I remember this one... April.. he's the darling grandfather of the Pet Farm. 10 years old this coming April, unbelievable !

Some tortoise..

And pea-hens perching on the ledge.. I learnt something new, female and not so attractive peacoks are called 'pea-hens'

Amber and her funny bunny..

Feeding the rabbits. They chew, chew and chew very fast.

Feeding April a banana

Amber was very brave, she fed the cockerels despite her palms in pain , being 'tiong' by the cockerels.

Ouch ! This is painful.

Kajan the cockerel standing proud on her shoulders.

Krok kok kok koooorrr !!!!

She makes a sandwich for Kajan and April. We had a little argument here as I told her not to spread the seeds on bread, the cockerels do not like bread at all, but she insist.. haih..

April, the proud cockerel of Avilion.

When the feeding session was over, April 'walked' back to his home, at the Aviary. See, I have pics to show :

Amber walks along with April.

Smart cockerel

April's home sweet home !