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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Of Tigers and Lies and The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Her imagination runs wild. She likes to 'tell stories' nowadays.

The past 2 weeks, I heard the most atrocious stories from her.

1. She told sis who was staying with us. Her kakak (ex maid from Cambodia) bring friends home. The friend, a guy, has a gun. The friend, pointed gun at Amber many times.

2. At the childminder, during meals, she is sometimes fed worms. "Aunty Choo put a lot of worms on my plate! A lot ! A lot !" (with hands showing expression of 'a lot'). I cannot finish but she still put worms on my plate

When confronted, she breaks out laughing.. Ahahahaha I tell you story la.. I want you to laugh !

My daughter, the best story teller.. or lack of a better word, the Biggest Liar.

Many times, her stories are out of the world... brought back from the moon and stars !!!!!

Last night, I took time to explain to her after this incident at the toilet where I asked her to spray herself clean after her pee.

Boon Kor Kor don't wash for me after wearing diapers. He don't let me wash.

Why ? You have to wash yourself after your nap and if you wet your diapers. Otherwise you'll be itchy down there.

No, he don't let me wash wor.. he wants me to be itchy !

I don't believe her, not even 1%. This time, I gotta put a stop to my creative little Enid-Blyton-in-the-making... .and look at her in the eye :

Amber, tomorrow I will ask Boon Kor Kor ok ??

Then she breaks out laughing ...

Ahhahahahaha Amber tell story la..

I want to tell you a story.. then I thought of the Boy Who Cried Wolf.. then I thought.. ok.. she may not understand sheperd, sheeps and wolf.. so I concocted my localised story :

There was a little girl , she shout TIGER !!! TIGER !!!!
... then all the uncle and aunties came to her rescue, but no tiger.
... then she laughed.. ahahahaha.. I want to make all of you laugh .. I play only.. I tell story only
( I talk in the same slang n lingo as Amber)

ONE DAY... a real tiger came out from hiding...
... the little girl shout TIGER !!! TIGER !!!
... the uncles and aunties heard and said to themselves... Ahahaha... the little girl.. playing again. no need to help her.. she is just playing la..
... BUT ... the tiger bit the girl, bite off her hands, legs and head.. the head fell to the floor and the girl died... sooo sad (must dramatize a bit for better effect)

she looked at me innocently.. dumbfounded.

So, can you tell lie ? Or make stories which are not true ? Mama scared one day if a tiger come after you, nobody will believe you and help you. How ?

nooo... I scared, I don't want...

Can you tell lie ?


You can tell Mama story but you must say "I tell you a story first".. don't create story unnecessary ok ?

ooo... ok...
then ...
the tiger in the zoo.. got cage ah ?

noo.. i also don't want to go to zoo, I scared tiger bite.

**sigh** ... and that same night, she cried in her sleep, nightmare.. probably so traumatized with my story of the little girl who got bitten by the tiger ..

I wonder if all kids create make believe stories ? Mine's sound more like a lie than a story !