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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Accidents and Deaths

Been feeling a bit uneasy this couple of days. Must get it off my chest.

Sightings of accidents really bothers me, especially when I see the victim covered in white or black plastic. The scenes keeps flashing in my mind over and over again and I still do remember sighting an accident that happened 3 years ago, a motorcyclist and a lorry.

Last Saturday, we left home and was greeted by a very bad jam along MRR2. Very unusual, hubs said, must be an accident. True enough, just about 100 meters from our where we exit to MRR2. Very ugly scene. We saw a Proton Waja very badly damaged and a Proton Iswara bad smashed across the other side of the road, we guess it came from the same direction as us. Then I saw a body lying on the road, covered with white plastic sheets.

I said my amitabha prayers and we proceeded with our journey.. Hubs was not feeling well and we had to pick up my parents, go for dinner and then send sis to the airport. I was driving and it was a looong journey to the airport (using Garmin, will tell in another post). while I was behind the wheels.. Amber was seated back, chatting with BIL and I kept getting flashbacks of the accident scene.. thinking of the victims family and what nots. I reminded myself to drive really careful, to look front, side and back all the time. My family, parents and sis was in my car.

Then the next day, I read about the accident in the papers. The car was going along MRR2 from same direction as us, at very fast speed hit the curb, flung to the other side and hit an oncoming Waja (innocent fella). The driver, a young lady was flung out from the car and died on the spot. Her other passangers in the car suffered serious injuries.

I reminded myself to drive very carefully and look out, front, back and sides whenever I pass the accident scene.

Then, this morning,on the way to work, I read about a man who survived a car crash in Pahang only to climb out of the car and fall into a ravine below. Another very freak accident which left me puzzling on how fragile life can be. I was quiet about it and did not share with hubs.

Then in the office, hubs told me the man who fell into a ravine was our colleagues' brother and she's really devastated over the sudden loss of her brother and in such circumstances.

Life is fragile, appreciate it.