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Monday, March 29, 2010

Contradicting and Worries

Feeling lousy over the weekend. It all started from :

Friday, we left for hubs hometown. She slept in the car, not having her milkie. I've already planner for her not to take any milk, other words, starve her from 2pm - 8pm and then let her have a proper meal with us, and that night, we had noodles. First spoon, ok, chew and swallow. Second spoon, problem brewing, her temper flaring, asking for soup instead, this and that, anything but the noodles.

Then the drama of " i don't want to eat ", 'not nice', 'I pau-pau already' ensued. She cried, we yelled, more so being fuelled by frustration of watching her cousin sister gleefully walloping a bowl of noodle, she, a thriving and happy kid whereas ours, a miserably skinny and no-appetite kid.

More drama and started scratching her eyes till swollen. I saw a layer of white gelatinuos stuff on her lids, wrapping up her eyeballs. Trouble ! Quickly sent her to clinic opposite home for some meds before it closes. Doc took a look at her, sniffing, food in the mouth (yes, still !) and all and said her problem was not the eyes but irritation from her nose (ENT, all related, one itch, the rest flares up soon). Nothing much he can do, but suggested us to try nasal spray instead and he REFUSED to presribe any until we treat the eye first (talk about principals, I'm sure he takes his oath seriously). So, we were sent home with some eye drops and he suggested to see another doctor the following morning who may have more sophisticated eye drops for Amber as he saw beneath the white gelatinuos stuff, there's another pocket of yellow gelatinuos stuff. May not be good news he said. He also asked if Amber was always restless and can't sit still (I thought he had sixth sense pulak !) and according to him, kids with allergy, esp from the nose, will have continuos cough, lack of concentration and will itch all over. Heavens.. finally someone understood Amber's condition. I have so many people telling me how 'boh-tiam' my kid is. Heartbreaking i tell you, she is as she is and I can't be yelling at her to keep still, sit still and SHUDDUP !! right ? or not ?

So, following morning, her eye was much better, only a tinge of swolleness. We went to see the other doctor as recommended. Told him the whole epi of the eye and allergy and such. I also told doctor I've put Amber off cows milk for some time. She's solely on Isomil and Pediasure, mixed with a little Milo.

He explained to us a talk he attended recently on CMPA (cow's milk protein allergy) and apparently, Isomil does not solve CMPA. 60% who has CMPA will also be allergic to soy milk!!!! Big news to me. I did some searching this morning at babycenter and it's true.

So, how can we treat Amber ?

He advised to put her off milk in the meantime and if she doesn't want to eat adult food (rice, noodles, pasta, soup), starve her. Then he pointed the finger at me and hubs, we are the main culprit for Amber refusing to eat proper meals. We give her too many choices and substitutes. From that point onwards, we took a challenge to put her off milk and place her on healthy balanced normal meals. No food, no milk, go hungry till she decides she needs to eat after all.
She heard all of our conversation and not liking what the doctor said, she wanted to leave the room

I tell you, that was the hardest thing to do. My little Amber is a milk baby, there's nothing she relish more than a comforting bottle of milkie (proper Avent bottle with teats and all) !

Then came lunch, another drama, with hardly anything for breakfast, a small cup of milo and a few strands of noodle, lunch was just a spoon or two of rice and some soup.

She requested for milk.. Mummy.. can I have milk please ??? why cannot ? doctor say can drink one time ah...

Those cries from her really hurt. But, we were adamant..

Dinner came, a full course dinner to celebrate FIL's bday.. she took only 2 small bites of yam, 2 inch of cod fish cubes and hardly a longevity bun. Throughout dinner, we kept telling her.. eat ! eat ! no milk for you tonight ! eat more... *sigh*

She cried for milk again, in the car, on the way home. I fed her with water. As a mom, I am
worried she gets dehydrated. Oh.. apart from food, she does not like much of water too !

Following day, we shared a big pau for breakfast. She did not cry for milk as much as before but kept asking 'why not milk ? doctor say I can have one time everyday..please ?

Lunch was an egg, with soya sauce. She didn't want any fuchok-yeemai MIL cooked. She hardly had any hazelnut cheesecake.. so I gave her a bowl of watercress soup, forcing down on her angrily. I was angry coz she came up with all sorts of excuses not to eat and tells me she wants a bowl of soup. When soup came, she didn't want.. who wouldn't be angry ?

Dinner on Sunday, was another drama. She and cheh cheh sharead a pack of noodles and she had a smaller portion. She took less than half and refuse to swallow, whereas cheh cheh finished hers and asked for more.. After a while, we got fed up and fed her 100 + instead. At least there's electrolytes and liquids to get her going.. We left for KL at night, without any milk for her.

This morning, I made a cup of Milo for her with a small scoop of soy. Sakit hati la.. I want her to be full and energetic for school. I've instructed the childminder not to give her milk in the afternoon, to see if her appetite improves for dinner.

Sigh, the throes of motherhood. Although her allergy problem may seem small to others, I take it differently, I see how she has shrunk from a thriving bouncing cheerful baby to one skinny minny refuse-to-eat-anything kid, my heart breaks.

God, please help me find a solution to her feeding problems and allergy !