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Monday, March 1, 2010

Prayers and wishes and i-City

Last Saturday, we went to the temple to pray for the family. What do you pray for ? I'd pray for blessings for a safe and smooth year. Nothing fancy, nothing big, just grant us safety, 'chut yap ping on' and 'soon soon lei lei', that's all I'll ask for my family, parents and in laws.

We came across a laughing buddha or in better words, buddha of fulfilment. This Buddha is
suitable for people with young children or who wants to have children. We explained to Amber
and stopped by to pray for mama to have 2 kids. We asked her to pray harder.. lol !

In the evening, after another round of pai nien, we went to i-City, I was hesitant to go after hearing from Annie the horrific traffic and crowd. Being kiasu and since we didn't visit Dong Zhen this year, we went to i-City and VERY early too. We were there at 5.30pm, no traffic, no crowd and NO LIGHTS too. It was the eve of Chap Goh Mei and the Selangor State Govt had organized a Pesta Chap Goh Mei and we thought it'll be nice to participate and worth a wait till 8pm. We took a leisurely stroll on the grounds, took some awesome pictures when nightfall set in.

Amber was the happiest, she could run the whole field over and again, and we were dead tired from chasing her.

i-City is a MSC status city and most of the commercial/office blocks is unoccupied. Only one miserable Orange Cafe was open and we got some tasteless ice lemon tea to quench our thirst. If you intend to visit i-City, please forget about getting food there.

We bumped into a very young God Of Prosperity in the cafe.

The lion dance troup rehearsing the walk-in for VIPs that night.

Here are some pics showing the nightfall :

i-City is very beautiful, worthy of taking some nice photos here.

Finally, about 8.15am , the VIP arrives :

Recognize the faces ?

The lion dance performance was disappointing, hardly a performance as they just walk the VIPs to their seats and the lions disappeared. LOL ! We left when the speech started. Our hungry tummies found their way to Klang's Restoran Boston Baru.

i-City is worth a trip with your family and remember to bring your camera along but don't expect to get any good food from one miserable cafe operator.