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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Leftover Dinners - Roast Lamb Pasta

I'm so good with leftovers. I tell you, not having a maid now, I have lots of dinner leftovers, party leftovers, no one to help me finish up my food. Last night, I found some 'decomposed prawns' in my chiller and baked beans, a week old. No joke.. Eewwww...

Ok, that aside, I must be on my toes to check what's on the fridge, I really don't like wasting food. Hubs commented the leftover dishes taste better than their initial state and I think I should document them here in my blog.

I've accumulated some roast lamb from a Christmas party last year. Ok.. before I go on, I cooked this dish in mid January, so as not to scare you..

The host had so much food left, he asked us to 'tarpau'. I was eyeing on the roast lamb as leftover satays are hard and tough and leftover salads are laden with bacteria.

I already had this dish in my mind when I happily packed those bits of roast lamb and I picked those charred ends.. more tasty and yummy :

Slice the meat and pan fry dry, in a non stick pan, till it's hot and aroma wifting in the kitchen..
(in other words, fry till 'heong')

I had some leftover thyme from my Christmas dinner, kept well, frozen..

Scoop the lamb aside, sautee garlic with olive oil, then add in thyme, add salt for taste

Then toss in spaghetti or pasta of your choice. Sprinkle chilli flakes for extra kick.

This is what you'll get :

Yumzz... cheap and easy Sunday lunch for the family !!!