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Friday, March 19, 2010

Avillion Port Dickson - Weekday Getaway

Last week, we were fortunate to getaway to Avillion PD for a free stay. My friend Jo bought the vouchers from previous Matta fare, the vouchers were expiring and she couldn't find time to go. I jumped at her offer immediately, there's a kind of relaxation that PD offers...away from it all and yet not too far away feeling that I like.

What's there to do at sleepytown PD ? I was amazed with the changes tho'.. If you take the highway and exit at Lukut, you'll be surprised to see how much the old cowboy town of Lukut has changed. Rows of shophouses, foodie place and banks lit the main street of Lukut. It was getting kinda late when we arrived so to play safe (and we were all very hungry), we went to Seaview PD Restaurant, a seafronting place where local PD folks held their wedding dinners. No pics this time, too hungry to remember our camera.

Food was so-so, butter crab was fantastic but the steamed grouper was tough and rubbery. I can almost bet my last ringgit they boiled the fish instead of steaming but haih, I didn't bother to make a complain. I don't want to spoil my trip by being in a negative mood before I check in to the beautiful Avilion.

So, we checked in late... and she help with her luggage,, ie her bolsters, her pillows, her pail of beach toys, her bag of floaties and swimsuits. It's 'HER' holiday right ? :)

We stayed at the Garden Chalet for the first time. We've been to the water chalet a couple of times before and I think I'll choose Garden Chalet again for it's price, bigger toilets and safety and I get to sleep in peace without sounds of waves hitting the shores.

Took some nice pics of the room before we messed it up :

4 poster bed.. and we insisted on a cot for Amber, so we can sleep in peace.. poor her.. the cot was too small for her but she liked the novelty of sleeping in a cot . .. :)

The day bed..

and the grand washroom...

someone warming up the room and flashing her royal butt !!!

and here she is.. 'talking on the phone' with the shower handles..

We woke up the next morning and I really liked the view from our chalet. Surrounded by coconut trees we had a beautiful view of the Acheh beach

Our garden chalet.

Dummy proof directions in a big resort.

The stay comes with breakfast and I shan't talk too much about the food but I must comment on their coffee..


Gaggia coffee machines for a fresh espresso brew.

So nice to have a cuppa fresh brew isn't it ? There's something about coffee that makes a difference in each hotel. Some serves stale instant coffee in a jug, some will serve fresly brewed with crema and all and this one.. self service, as much as you like and I LIKE IT !

Since there's nothing much to do at PD, we spent most of our time in the hotel, lazing around the decks, beach and pool

This was a front view of our chalet.. looks more like a double storey twin villa.

Amber couldn't wait to hit the water and sand. She's been talking about it all along our journey to PD and was disappointed when we arrived late at night, she couldn't play at the beach or pool.

And I, couldn't wait to change her to a 2 piece.. her first bikini, a Christmas gift from Annie.

My little 'sau mang kai' (skinny minny chicken) on a bikini :

We were at the beach close to noon. Crazy me but I thought a little sun would be good for her but poor her and hubs got a bad sunburn (blame it on me, I forgot and left the sunblocks in the room)

Then, later, we went to the pool .

She wanted to join the big kids to play water slides but she was too afraid to come down the slide, even tho' hubs was waiting for her below. The other kids were nice and friendly, encouraging her and telling her how to slide. Bless them :). Still, she kept saying 'I Scared !!' but yet, she didn't want to leave the place.

We were back at the beach again, during sunset when it was cooler.

Amber screamed in pain when I showered her. The sunburn was too painful and she cried a lot. We spent most of the evening hosing her down with cold water to ease the pain. When we were done, it was too late to check out Lukut for some nice makan place. We quickly went to the pharmacy to get some aloe vera gel to sooth her sunburn. The pharmacist recommended a very nice CKT (char kuey teow) place, at the left of the old PD market. Non halal and very long queue. No pics too, hubs was carrying Amber who fell asleep while I waited patiently for my order. We had CKT and ice cold beer for dinner in our rooms for dinner.. Fantastic !! Much better choice than ordering room service eh ?

We had to check out the following day and both of us were too lazy to get ourselves wet, so we just lazed around the hotel. Some bits and pieces of what we did here :

Most traditional way to massage our soles :

Pain ! Pain !

All along the chalets, you'll find urns of water for you to rinse your feet. Very convenient and clean way to get us to our rooms without sand on our feet.

The water chalets at low tide

3 of us with our fakey crocs !

We spotted thousands of little crabs.

yucky looking but a good experience for Amber

Avilion, an excellent short getaway... and we will be back :)