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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Concept of Babies

Amber's been longing for another sibling. She always tells me : I want Mama to have 2 babies (with her finger showing me '2' or peace sign)

I always tell her, it's up to god, Mama cannot choose to have 1 or 2 or 3 babies. Want doesn't mean we'll get.

Most of our common friends all have 1 daughter (single child parents) so Amber don't question much. When she saw Annie's twins, she was curious about twins' and asked why some mothers can have 2 kids.

My sister in law is pregnant and in her second trimester now. Yesterday, while have a family dinner together, I took the opportunity to tell Amber the good news.

Look, (SIL) Sum Sum's tummy has a little baby inside.. it's 'growing' , later it'll be born out as a baby, just like you when you were a baby. So you be careful, don't bump or bang into Sum Sum, you must sayang the baby inside ok ?

She stood there, staring at Sum Sum's tummy for a moment, perplexed. Then she talked aloud in a 'lau-kai' tone :

I also want you to have 2 baby. I want Mama to have 2 baby !!!

**loud.. real loud** I quickly hushed her out and keep quiet.

Poor girl, she thinks babies are made on demand.

There was another instance while having a shower with her.. mother and daughter chat..

Mama, why other people can have 2 baby, you cannot ?

I can't coz I don't have. Not everyone will have 2 babies you know. It's up to God .

You can ah ! You marry again lor !

*gulp* where did she get THAT idea ?

Marry who ?

Marry Papa lor..
Papa marry Mama, PapaMama have Amber.
So, you marry Papa again, you can have another baby la !

LOL !! Should I praise her ingenuity ?