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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Xin Nien Lai Lo !!!

In the spirit of the coming new year, we brought Amber to Petaling Street, a place where colours, feel and smell of chinese new year is abundant.

Amber's been waiting for 'gong xi fa cai' for a very very long time. For the little girl, it seems so long and never arriving coz she looks forward to wear her new klik klok shoes and wanna see lion dance.

We made a short trip to Petaling Street last weekends, wanna see and feel the chinese new year mood and I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Decorations.. so many shops of them. It's great to compare prices and varities from the many shops and I can tell you things here are not cheap. Don't be deceived by the stuff on the street look, in fact I find it rather pricey, unless I buy wholesale ?

I like this place for it's orderly arrranged decors

Another 'happy' place to be but I also noted Petaling Street has become more of a foreigner (tourist and street peddlers) street.

Nice to look at. The new year is all about lanterns, flowers and what nots in blazing gold and red.

Aha ! This caught her attention. She stared in amazement. Hope she don't start asking me to get her one.

Then for the highlight of our jalan-jalan.. which is to makan-makan.

Air mata kucing.. a must for me, make it 2 0r even 3 cups. Been savouring chilled longan lon hon koa drink from this stall since my school days, when they were served in orange bowls. Now, it's in takeaway cups. I heard LHDN used to stand across the street and count how many bowls were sold in a day.

Then, our friends got a table at Hokkien mee stall opposite the longan drink stall. Very convenient or even lucky to get a table at peak evening hour.

This is the run down shabby corner.. .. .. .. that serves out of the world fried noodles.

Our friend, Thomas' fried mihun mee.

Hubs hokkien mee

With raw egg added. Hubs was such a glutton, her ordered 2 plates (and shared a little with Amber)

He asked me to take a pic of his 'very polished clean' plate. Show's how good the noodle was. Not a strand or speck left.

Then we came across this 'tong kor' stall. Mom used to buy a variety for prayers to the Gods. Send them sweet offering so they'll have sweet things to say about us. LOL !!! I like the coconut (brown chunks and white shaved) best. I give this a skip , nice but laden with SUGAR !..

Then there's this wierd kiosk with lizards and other animals, expanded when soaked in water. The kids like it but nah... another 'wasteful-good for nothing' stuff I refused to buy.

Then Thomas and Joanne stopped to get some pork floss for Joanne's mini popiah project. We waited outside and the kids found some fun jumping on a platform plank, making lots of noise as usual. The thing about kids, when they have company, they know how to find fun. (and start annoying everyone around them ... lol)

Our friends didn't end up buying any pork floss coz it was quite pricey. Pork is getting more expensive and our bak kwa fellas also took advantage to increase their prices in lieu of coming new year BUT luckily my favourite bak kwa stall is not increasing their prices (post coming up soon)

Well, it was a great evening for us, although we didn't get anything from Petaling Street, food was good, company was good and kids had fun.. :)