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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Loaf Members Day

Just came back from lunch and I must post this up. The Loaf had a Member's Day today. I did receive a sms but didn't think much of it as I just had coffee and snacks there yesterday evening.
We had a rather unexciting lunch at Bon Ton Lot 10 and I suggested to hubs to pop by Loaf for my cup of coffee. Oh my,, the people and long queue, only then I remembered my sms.

We grabbed a few pastries,coffee and exotic raspberry and rose jam.

The long queue to pay but was rather quick moving. We waited about 5 mins for our turn

This is what we had :

Regular coffee

And our little box of surprise. I like how Loaf boxes up the pastries for takeaway.

Our loot :

Motoko Confiture raspberry and roses jam.. some danish and a smiley hole faced bread for Amber. Hope she eats it in school tomorrow (another story to come about her recess activities)

Guess the bill ?

Total RM19.80 for everything.. If I'm not mistaken.. that's about the price of a premium large ice blend at our CB or SB rite ?

Go join The Loaf membership priviledges. Only RM10 and there's always lots of offers on other days too. Their pastries is ZE BEST-est !!! Once had it, you wouldn't want to go near Delifrance anymore..